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Industry-Leading SEO and Internet Marketing Firm Offers Specialized, Proven SEO Services to Legal Professionals

Word of mouth travels fast via the internet, and with as readily as a displeased consumer can complain and be heard on a large scale thanks to Google and websites like Consumer Reports, it’s important that you have a Search Engine Optimization firm specialized in legal SEO pursuits specially crafted to manage not only your marketing efforts, but the word of mouth that travels about you. (more…)

Performance Based SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Firm iMajestic Named in Top SEOs March List of Best 30 Organic Search Engine Optimization Companies

BURBANK, CA–(Marketwire - March 12, 2009) - Compared to traditional forms of marketing and advertising, due to the need for a high profit margin without up-front risk, the increased demand for Performance Based SEO services provided by iMajestic is increasingly desired by smart business owners.

Pure Performance Based SEO Creates Windfall of Traffic for Clients

Burbank, CA – For most SEO and SEM companies the very thought of performing work without getting a significant amount of money upfront is unheard of. Unlike most jobs where the work is done and at the end of the week a paycheck is delivered, internet marketing has operated in complete opposite of what most CEOs and business owners are used to. (more…)

Performance Based Search Engine Optimization is the hope of all business owners and the worst nightmare of SEO companies that are not able to deliver what they promise

The multitude of websites present today on the Internet made the competition for the top placement in the natural section of the search engines very fierce. So, we have to admit that it’s quite a big responsibility for Google, Yahoo, and MSN to accurately and fairly establish which 10 websites out of thousands and thousands deserve to be placed on the first page for a certain search query. (more…)

iMajestic brings Search Engine Optimization innovations into the next century while keeping the business in America.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) – The modern age of global economies and world wide communications has brought tremendous benefits to our planet’s population but as anyone who’s tried to get through to their cable or Internet providers for technical assistance knows, just about all call centers, service centers, web developers and software providers seem to have escaped from our country and landed over seas. (more…)

iMajestic brings dramatic change to web marketing by getting clients results BEFORE receiving payment!

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) – The most frustrating issue facing CEO’s and business owners alike is how to get the best results from their web site. While most SEO marketing companies view search engine optimization as an extension of traditional advertising and marketing strategies, iMajestic ( ) understands the unique landscape of the world wide web and knows that the Internet is not your Granddaddy’s advertising playground.. (more…)

SEO Press Releases drive traffic and greater visibility faster than you can click a mouse.

Burbank, CA – In the days of yore the Press Release was written on a typewriter and sent via snail mail, wire and courier or even through the early stages of email to numerous newspapers throughout the country. The papers would get hundreds of submissions each month but only a handful would be accepted making exposure by the company providing them more of a crap shoot than part of a real marketing strategy. (more…)

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