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Internet Marketing - 101

In the beginning; the world of computer-generated communication was simply an electronic expressway where basic data was transferred from one computer station to another via phone lines as opposed to hard copy sent through the U.S. mail. From it’s infancy through the explosive bubble bursting quandary of the 1990’s, the Internet has grown from a rudimentary method of information exchanges to a vast landscape, overflowing with everything the human experience can offer.


Performance Search Engine Opitimization-Stop Paying For SEO “UpFront”

Performance SEO, Internet Marketing for LawyersPerformance Search Engine Optimization-Stop Paying For SEO “UpFront” Paying “up front” for the search engine optimization of your website is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Website owners are waking up to the realization that paying big bucks in advance of any measurable results is a questionable practice at best.  Performance SEO is the only way the client can absolutely guarantee positive results. By basing payment on performance, search engine optimization is guaranteed or the client doesn’t pay a cent. The practice is definitely client biased.

Investing in Pay for Performance SEO

Performance Based SEO, Internet Marketing Companies, Pay for Performance SEO CompaniesPay for performance SEO is a term not often used by Internet marketing companies. After all, performance based SEO requires a solid and provable client placement in consumers’ top search results. Internet marketing firms are hesitant to deliver this kind of guarantee to their clients – unless they are ready and able to deliver on it.

What’s in it for the Client?
Search engine optimization is the key to successfully doing business online. With search engines fickle and consumer search behavior forever changing, professional Internet marketing companies take the guesswork out of designing advertising and website content for their clients. Pay for performance SEO takes this service one step further and virtually eliminates the pitfalls of doing business with a marketing firm.


Performance Based SEO Company, iMajestic Eliminates Risk from Website Marketing

iMajestic | Internet Marketing | Performance Based Internet Marketing, SEO ProgramsBurbank, CA – By this time in the 21st century any business not utilizing the power of the internet to reach their customer base is either ridiculously ill-advised or about to close their doors. The benefits of internet marketing is not only well documented as the most cost-effective method of advertising and promotion, it is also the most efficient way to improve profits, eliminate waste and provide an untold amount of information about the way your company is perceived and searched after by its customers. For anyone desiring to grow their operations, the type of data a search engine marketing program can offer will blow you away. (more…)

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