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How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet Marketing

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet Marketing

Marketing and advertising is an expensive part of doing business so it only makes dollars and sense that getting the most out of your web marketing programs is the most cost effective way to promote your company.

Burbank, CA - You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into your business and as any one can tell you, a large part of becoming a successful owner is understanding how much money you should spend on advertising, marketing and promotion, when you should spend it and who would be best suited to implement your market plan. To begin with the simple answer is that spending a lot of money doesn’t equate to getting the best results. What we are talking about is the basics of Return On Investment, or ROI. Smart investors understand that the rate of return for any venture should be analyzed ahead of payment however this is where the difficulty lay. Making projections on marketing outcomes is often fraught with mis-conceptions, inaccurate imported data and over zealous result speculations.

One big miss-step made by even the most intelligent entrepreneurs is their lack of appreciation for what a website can do for their business. Many owners don’t realize how easy it is for their website to become a passive revenue stream. Even if you don’t offer a hard product, your website can still be utilized for income generation with a little imagination and know how.

It is not uncommon to have a mis-understanding or a lack of appreciation for what is a properly conceived and constructed website presence. It’s one thing to be found by the search engines; however as with any brick and mortar business, store front presence is paramount. Many websites are so badly done that even when they are found by their targeted customers it amounts to a quick home page peek and then gone. This is a crucial element for web marketing and makes the difference between having volumes of traffic that give you “hits” but no profits and a site that is a source of income instead of an expense.

There is a vast difference between generating traffic to a website and actually seeing a return on your investment. Traffic alone is not real proof you are getting results from your web marketing efforts. Only quality, targeted visitations with trackable conversions to sales can provide profits to the company coffers. While many SEO companies tout their ability to drive Internet traffic to your site, the biggest downfall businesses experience from the typical SEO “one size fits all” packaging is a true understanding of the what, and how their client’s businesses actually work. Without this basic but often overlooked foundation, your website could suffer from “false results”.

Consider the words of web marketing authorities’ iMajestic;

“Your website is the most important part of your organization’s Internet marketing strategy. Your website is the heart of your business communication instrument both, to search engines as well as your future and existing customers.”

It is important to recognize that Internet marketing is at once a science and an art form. The science of web marketing involves some very technical aspects that start you’re your website development which is more than just getting the cheapest template you can, setting some links and placing Meta tags. Your site needs to have a “look and feel” that invites your clients to stay and explore the riches within instead of landing on the home page and moving on to someone else’s business. The “look” of the site is the same as the face of your store front.

Your website should reflect the nature of your business without being too busy, involved or outlandish. A website only has about 3 seconds to capture the visitor because after that if they aren’t intrigued, they’re gone. It is imperative that your website be easy to use as its functionality can make or break a site. If a visitor can’t get around your website they will become frustrated and again - leave.

Once you’ve got a proper website you can really get your SEO working for you. A major complaint about the natural search engine optimization approach is the time and money usually associated with garnering results. Elements of Organic SEO programs involve everything from the beginning analytical research of your particular industry and competitors, Keyword research, web content enhancement with proper keyword SEO compliance, optimization of “back end” codes, link building, press release and article submissions that refer and point to your business, onsite blogs and more. One crucial thing to remember about SEO, PPC, web development and every other aspect of the Internet marketing game, is the need to be continuously engaged in ongoing analytical reviews and modification of campaigns.

iMajestic, ranked as one of the nation’s top SEO companies by internet marketing rating service TopSEOs, helps businesses attain targeted market share by creating innovative and ethical SEO programs, guaranteed to succeed. For qualified clients iMajestic offers Performance based search engine marketing that removes the risks that typical SEO companies require their customer to take on. Performance based marketing simply means iMajestic will do the work to get your company into the top levels of search engine rankings before accepting a fee. Results before payment makes the decision to engage in this kind of guaranteed for qualified clients a complete no-brainer.

iMajestic ( has been in business since 2001 offering practical and sound SEO and SEM solutions to thousands of businesses. The ability to forecast trends and rapidly adjust positions that influence those changes is the cornerstone to the foundation of what iMajestic represents. iMajestic is a firm believer in keeping their work force within the Continental United States and uses American based personnel. All work is done in house and by US citizens.

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