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How to Market on the Internet for Lawyers

Performance SEO, Internet Marketing for LawyersLawyers spend many years studying the law. Their education prepares them for the grueling battles of the court room, the mountains of briefs and paperwork needed during the course of their day and the ability to negotiate settlements between conflicting parties. Attorneys spend long days and nights on their client’s cases which makes it difficult at best to find the time to advertise their practice for new clients.

In addition to finding the time to market a practice the times and methods of promoting a business have changed. No longer a simple matter of placing a listing in the local Yellow Pages or placing an ad in papers or on bus benches, today’s seeker of legal consul will search the Internet approximately 90% of the time as their main resource of information. The reasons behind this are simple even if the engines that power this resource are not.

When consumers use search engines like Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo, they have the ability to narrow their search criteria, making their inquiry more exacting and ultimately more satisfying. For an attorney desiring to cultivate a certain area of the legal market, the idea of obtaining clients that will meet their criteria can be equally satisfying. This is the goal of Internet marketing. Being able to create the right kind of marketing strategies and develop finely tuned campaigns that are designed to capture a specific target market while at the same time quantifying them to ensure they fit the profile and not waste the lawyer’s time manifests a successful marketing program.

Just as a good legal defense takes time, intelligence, knowledge and experience, Internet marketing, requires all these abilities and more. Because the nature of how the search engines work constantly change and evolve, the successful Internet marketing company will be able to not only move with those changes but anticipate the next steps along with marketing trends and developing technologies that will affect search engine results and consumer traffic. Just as a prospective client will use the Internet to look for the kind of attorney they need, a law firm can use the Net to create client awareness that will call attention to the kinds of law practiced, areas the firm will be able to practice in, successful judgments won and so on. These are just a few of the areas addressed that help prospects to find the right lawyer and ultimately hire them.

The law firm in turn can use the Internet to provide awareness and information to their prospects while at the same time defining the campaigns to locate the type of clientele that meets their needs. Too often generalized or broad base advertising like television, radio or billboard ad bring in people that don’t have a case worth pursuing. These kinds of marketing structures waste time and money in addition to not being able to provide specific feedback and support data that can help gauge the programs effectiveness. Without proper information that will explain where people are coming from, what they are looking for, how they heard about the attorney as well as the nature of their case, there is no way to change what is not working or enhancing what does.

Successful Internet marketing companies will analyze the attorney’s practice, looking for what sets the practice apart from others; investigate the effectiveness of their current website for market appeal, functionality and most importantly, conversion value. The “curb appeal” of an attorney’s website can often be a big factor in turning mere visitors into real clients. All the efforts to drive traffic to the site will be for naught if the client finds it to be unprofessional, hard to use or not have the information they need to make an informed decision.

The bottom line is that the successful lawyer understands their time if far too valuable to take it away from their practice in order to pursue clients. Just as the lawyer is the expert in their field, so too is the Internet marking company that will create and manage their promotion efforts. To determine sets the successful Internet marketing company apart from one that may have “know how” but isn’t truly effective is marked by several things.

1. Most Internet marketing companies try to shoe horn your practice into the same basic formula they use for every other business. A law firm is quite different than a shoe store and to think that they should use the same approach for marketing is plain wrong. A true Internet marketing company will take the time to assess not just your particular practice but do a comparative analysis on your competition and how to beat them. Custom designs for a law practice separates the marketing company from the tech guy that knows something about search engine optimization. Techniques and technology alone do not make a successful marketing game plan.

2. The typical SEO company will require their fees paid up front before any work is performed and most certainly prior to the attorney seeing any results. In fact the general rule of thumb in the industry states that there are no guarantees of success, regardless of any fees paid. Many personal injury attorneys operate quite differently, working diligently on the case to secure a favorable settlement and then after the fact extracting their fees. In truth, most businesses perform work first and get paid after completion making the Internet marketing industry a bit of an enigma. The better Internet marketing company will be willing to produce results for qualified clients first before asking for a fee. This is the equivalent of putting their money where there mouth is and shows they have confidence in what they do and the successful track record to prove it.

3. Find an Internet marketing company that is not only Google Certified but has experience, and success, marketing for law firms. A digital marketing agency that may have great success with retail business, non-profits or even doctors, will not necessarily be the correct choice for this very specific field.

Internet marketing experts iMajestic, have a reputation for creating successful Internet marketing programs for law firms and individual attorneys.

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About iMajestic:
iMajestic (, established in 2001 provides reality based SEO/SEM solutions to thousands of businesses. With a talent for forecasting trends and altering positions that influence those changes, iMajestic creates results driven marketing. iMajestic keeps all work forces in the United States using American based personnel. Nothing is outsourced and comes with our 100% personal pledge.

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