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Performance Search Engine Opitimization-Stop Paying For SEO “UpFront”

Performance SEO, Internet Marketing for LawyersPerformance Search Engine Optimization-Stop Paying For SEO “UpFront” Paying “up front” for the search engine optimization of your website is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Website owners are waking up to the realization that paying big bucks in advance of any measurable results is a questionable practice at best.  Performance SEO is the only way the client can absolutely guarantee positive results. By basing payment on performance, search engine optimization is guaranteed or the client doesn’t pay a cent. The practice is definitely client biased.

There is no downside for the client, the results are either produced or not. If the internet marketing company fails to produce the predetermined result, the client is out no money. It only proves to be a win-win situation when the internet marketer can accomplish what they have set out to accomplish. Either way it is clearly a winning play for the client. More and more website owners are discovering the benefits of performance search engine optimization, paying “up front” for SEO.

The idea for performance search engine optimization was conceived many years ago and it goes like this. An internet marketing company specializing in SEO like offers to put in the work to get their clients webpages using targeted keywords or keyword phrases in the top 10 or top 20 of the SERP’s on the three top search engines. If they succeed, the contract is fulfilled and everybody is happy. The client has reached their goal of x amount of pages with targeted keywords in the top 10 on the three major search engines.

The internet marketer is paid for his performance and everyone is happy. Maintaining the position is really the trick. Getting your page in the top 10 is not that tough depending on the keywords your targeting. Keeping the position is not so easy. It clearly takes a professional internet marketing company well versed in performance SEO to pull it off. The internet marketer has to have real confidence in his ability to produce results. These contracts can span several months and the internet marketer is on the hook the whole time. Again, this method of producing SEO clearly favors the client.

Is SEO worth the effort in the first place? With the search engines dominating the flow of information online, I would say SEO will be around as long as the internet. Since 2001 has been the leader in Performance Search Engine Optimization, and it continues as one of it’s established pioneers.

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