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In law, the only gratitude a professional usually sees comes by way of successful pursuit of exactly what the client had in mind, despite the obvious stake or realistic expectations that client could have beheld in mind as they progressed into hiring an attorney or lawyer to represent them.

What happens in this day and age is that as soon as true displeasure over the outcome of a pursuit that is deemed unsuccessful somehow, the reality of the ultimate end sets in, and the client who bears the brunt of the disappointment runs off to the internet, often relying upon a site like consumer reports or rip-off reports to detail to the world their one-sided and inaccurate recollections of what transpired throughout the details of the case.

As a professional lawyer or attorney seeking vindication through legal seo services, you can’t go regarding every little last opinion of your work or ethic. However, those opinions can eventually surmount, and occupy the first couple of pages of results intermittently and throughout the results of any search string related to the firm’s name.

At the end of the day, the diminishment that a reputation may see by this medium alone can’t be statistically tracked, but two things can be statistically relied upon in that sense:

1) The person searching for quality services is less likely to choose a service offering multiple instances of negative feedback over a service that has nothing but positive feedback

2) Statistics provided by Google show that close to 90% of all visitors find their intended results within the first two pages of searching for keywords including 5 words or less, including localized search terms, and don’t even look past the first two pages in many cases if they do not find what they are looking for. Most of the time, they input another search query.

IMajestic understands the importance of a lawyers reputation, and because of this, our lawyer seo services implement demonstrated effective measures to manage the impact that negative press and feedback from insignificant and unreliable sources may yield.

We strategically unveil content upon multiple websites that target the terminology and keywords you’re looking to establish your indexing with, then go the extra mile by coordinating your website to include the same terminology in multiple areas most pertinent to the applicable terms, and most relevant to what potential clients might be looking for.

It’s important that your law law firm search engine optimization effort targets the specific initiatives that your team set out to accomplish when the professional effort was conceived to begin with, and despite negative feedback from clients whose claims didn’t stand up in court, your reputation as a legal professional should not suffer.

IMajestic helps legal professionals to earn the reputation they deserve, and attract the attention they should via effective indexing with the most relevant search engines. We meticulously comb over every piece of your attorney or lawyer website, in tandem with the authoring of content intended to create positive press, then set forth upon creating and completely attorney-specific search engine optimization
tasks that perform beyond expectations, and elevate professionals to new thresholds of clientele volume.

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