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Investing in Pay for Performance SEO

Performance Based SEO, Internet Marketing Companies, Pay for Performance SEO CompaniesPay for performance SEO is a term not often used by Internet marketing companies. After all, performance based SEO requires a solid and provable client placement in consumers’ top search results. Internet marketing firms are hesitant to deliver this kind of guarantee to their clients – unless they are ready and able to deliver on it.

What’s in it for the Client?
Search engine optimization is the key to successfully doing business online. With search engines fickle and consumer search behavior forever changing, professional Internet marketing companies take the guesswork out of designing advertising and website content for their clients. Pay for performance SEO takes this service one step further and virtually eliminates the pitfalls of doing business with a marketing firm.

Performance based SEO sees to it that clients do not waste their hard earned advertising dollars on being listed on tertiary search engines virtually no serious consumers use. After all, unless an Internet marketing company delivers top placement on Google, MSN, and Yahoo – known as the big three — the expense is rarely justified.

What is more, performance based SEO eliminates the contract expenses that keep the monthly advertising expenditure going, even after the marketer ceases to maintain the top spots on the big three. In some cases, business clients learn the hard way that the achievement of a spot on the top three is not the goal, but instead merely a stepping stone in the hunt for online profitability. Failure to maintain the listing in this area leads to a significant drop in web traffic and therefore also profits.

How Pay for Performance SEO Works?
The nuts and bolts of pay for performance SEO are actually quite simple. The Internet marketing company and the client agree on the remuneration for performance based SEO. For example, if — over a 90 day span – less than 10 top 10 rankings on the big three search engines are accomplished, the client pays nothing. Conversely, if 30 or more top 10 rankings are achieved, the client pays a predetermined amount.

The pay for performance SEO scheme lets clients pay for what they actually want to get – top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN – and for maintaining this placement.

Is Performance Based SEO the Answer for Your Business?
Any business involved in Internet marketing must make expert use of SEO to realize an appreciable return on investment. Since the advertising budget is usually one of the biggest line items on a business’ balance sheet, it is not surprising that those charged with the responsibility of negotiating search engine marketing are torn.

On the one hand, there are Internet marketing companies that promise results but might not be able to follow through. Of course, there is always a chance that they might hit pay dirt, and businesses willing to take the chance pay in accordance with the marketer’s fee schedule. On the other hand, there are pay for performance SEO companies that stake their reputations on the results they achieve, but doing business with them might cost just a bit more.

At the end of the day, it is the expert in SEO that helps a business to rise head and shoulders above the competition.

One heavy hitter in the pay for performance SEO business is iMajestic. Make your business available to the experts at 1-800-SEO-2562 for a no nonsense analysis and quit paying for search engine optimization up front. Receive a detailed breakdown of expected benchmarks, and do not pay until they are realized. Internet marketing has never been easier, and more profitable, than today.

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