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Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization is an Option that can Make or Break a Company

Pay Per Click SEO Campaign Strategy Specialists & Google Certified PPC TechniciansBurbank, CA – Like an electronic version of the universe, the Internet is constantly changing and expanding. To keep up with all the changes and guidelines set forth by those that regulates the Net’s inner workings, SEO experts take great strides to stay informed of the ebb and flow that includes new rules, break through technologies and market trends.

For those seeking to jump ahead of the pack in the race for search engine rank supremacy, the initiation of a PPC or Pay Per Click campaign can be very beneficial. In simple terms, and as the phrase implies, Pay Per Click means every time a person who is searching for the very thing you offer pulls up a list of sites that match their inquiry, your site is highlighted in what is considered more desirable positions and once the user clicks on your listing, they will go right to your site. This is thought to be a more exact match for their search and for being positioned in the spotlight to capture that inquiry, the advertising company pays for the privilege; each time it’s clicked on.

The internal workings for Pay Per Click involve using an promotion model where the advertiser pays the host only when the link is clicked on and the link only comes up when keywords and phrases; that are also bid on by the advertiser, hits their target through the search request. If the link is on a content site then it is more common for a fixed rate to be charged as opposed to using the bidding practice. This is called a sponsored link or sponsored ad and can be viewed either to the right or above the web site listings that appear in the search through more organic methods.

PPC, because of the bidding system employed, is a very competitive model especially when keywords for the particular industry are common. For advertisers to comprehend how the system will best work for them they must determine what value a typical “click” will provide for them from a given source. A lot of the value extracted from a particular click is based upon how “on target” to matching the advertiser’s demographic is hit by the visitor to his site when is comes through the PPC link.

Fees for PPC are either a flat-rate or the bid-based configuration. For a flat rate model the advertiser and the publisher, or search engine company (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.), agree to a static cost that will be paid each time someone clicks on the link. Rates can vary depending on how the content of pages will attract the more targeted and thus valuable visitors. Lower prices can be had if a commitment for a longer term contract but in general a flat rate model will have a rate card of pre-determined amounts and what the advertiser will get in return.

For a bid-based model, the advertiser will wind up competing against other advertisers in private auctions held by the publisher or on an advertising network. Each participant informs the publisher of the maximum bid they are willing to pay for a specific spot based on a keyword and then the auction will play out the scenario through an automated process each time a visitor hits the ad link. The highest bid for an ad will usually appear first on the list unless other factors such as ad quality or relevance are figured, in which case the highest bid may not always win the top spot.

This kind of marketing biding war is not something to be taken lightly nor should it be shied away from as the benefits to a positive PPC strategy can be very lucrative. Because of the various idiosyncrasies involved in determining the right keywords and phrases that should be bid on, how to measure the value of such keywords plus understanding the nature of ad quality and marketing relevance; Pay Per Click SEO campaigns are best left to those with experience and a successful track record for this kind of game.

PPC specialists at iMajestic have been effectively creating campaigns for years, and has MSN & Google Certified PPC technicians to provide ethical and productive advertising programs that are carefully developed to custom fit each client’s particular needs.

“The synergy of your business expertise along with our scientific and effective E-Marketing approach will provide higher presence of your website, elevate your ad position, increase your conversions and customers while stretching your marketing budget and maximizing profits.”

iMajestic offers a wide range of services and as with the PPC option they include extensive research, individual keyword optimization, search behavioral analysis and landing page conversion strategies. iMajestic has established approved certified search engine relationships and the development of leading PPC optimization formulas.

For more information on how iMajestic can create a successful Pay Per Click campaign for your company click on or call direct at 1-800-SEO-2562. All work is done in the United States of America and performed by Certified Google and Microsoft advertising professionals.

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