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Personal Injury Attorney’s Go Viral for New Clients

Personal Injury Attorney Internet Marketing and SEOBurbank, CA – Marketing and advertising for legal services has moved on to a new and exciting time where the mysterious results for how advertising dollars are spent are no longer a matter of speculation but one of absolute fact. In years past when a personal injury attorney would make a television commercial and run it on everything from network broadcast to local channels the success of the campaign could only be measured by the number of phone calls received that could be attributed to that spot. The broadcast media game has always been a risky venture with little evidence available to confirm how well or poorly the commercial worked. Media buyers and sellers understand that what is being bought is merely “exposure”. They can tell you how many times a spot ran but after that, it’s all guess work.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the brave new world of search engine marketing. SEM takes the best applications of traditional media exposure from TV, radio and print and combines it with the articulate accounting reporting capabilities from all manner of information sources. These sources can be broken down to survey how many times a given SEM campaign was viewed by a consumer, where they viewed the ad, how many times a web site was checked out and even down to certain market profiles that can decide if this person is the right kind of client for the firm.

As one of the top SEO/SEM companies in the industry, iMajestic (, has been instrumental in providing personal injury attorneys with ethical internet marketing strategies and methods that have garnered amazing results, not just with “hits” to their sites but with clientele that meets the requirements of the firm and ensures greater success for the injured party as well as the lawyer representing them. By carefully accessing the actual needs of the PI lawyer’s business and how well their web site addresses those needs, iMajestic is able to create search engine optimization techniques and approaches that help generate more qualified traffic.

Every personal injury lawyer knows that not all personal injury cases are winnable. Many times, even though the person has been hurt, the damages they can legally sue for is not worth the time of either the injured party or the attorney. Taking time away from more deserving people with lawsuits from clients that have no chance of success actually harms a law firm’s ability to provide good legal service for those who need it most. This is one of the main reasons a legal firm must utilize their web sites to help filter out those cases that don’t make sense and focus on the qualified battles that can be won and will make dollars and sense.

Personal injury lawyers like to eliminate risk in both their cases and the way the do business much like any other business person. iMajestic helps the novice, the educated and the skeptical attorney with their SEM needs by offering risk free marketing solutions. iMajestic offers a unique program for qualified candidates called Pure Performance Based Search Engine Optimization.

“iMajestic has the industry’s only Pure Performance based optimization services which guarantee that our clients never pay unless we achieve the objective and maintain your rankings in the search engines you desire. We hold ourselves 100% accountable for performance and compensation.”

For more information about this revolutionary approach to Internet marketing and business relations go to or contact them direct at 1-866-851-2402.

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