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Ethical Internet Marketing Strategies and Search Engine Optimization for Personal Injury Attorneys

Burbank, CA – There may be an unlimited number of people suffering from a variety of injuries, but for the savvy personal injury lawyer, acquiring the “right” client isn’t as easy as falling off a log. Sad as it may be, not all claimants really have a case and those that do don’t always have the level of damages that make going to court worthwhile.

PI attorneys handle a wide range of lawsuits but not all personal injury lawyers take on every type injury. Since personal injuries are not always physical in nature some lawyers will handle cases of injury as the result of libel, slander, malicious prosecution, or false arrest. Other may focus on sickness, disease, or death sustained by another person or due from negligence of a business, home owner or other persons. Given this wide berth of examples for personal injury claims, people locating a qualified personal injury attorney that will specialize in their particular type of injury is paramount to winning and makes the search for those lawyers a process that shouldn’t be left to chance.

The only way to curtail this kind of inefficiency is through the effective use of your web site and the development of powerful and ethical internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization. SEO and SEM campaigns are proven, cost effective methods that do more than just generate traffic; they can be crafted to qualify and confirm clients of real value, taking them from potential clientele to profitable claimants.
As a personal injury attorney your time is extremely valuable. Taking time to talk on the phone or answering emails from claimants that have no potential or are not in line with your criteria is a big waste. If a personal injury attorney estimates an hourly rate of $300 and each initial call takes an average of 30 minutes and your web site generates perhaps 4 calls a day from non-qualified plaintiffs, you’ve just thrown away $600 per day or $3,000 per week. Take into consideration the number of weeks you put in during the year, say 48 weeks, those non-qualified inquires just cost you $144,000.

Winning the prestigious TOP SEO award for being one of the best SEO companies in the country by internet authorities,, iMajestic is superior in its approach and support of personal injury attorneys in need of utilizing their web site to generate profitable clients.

“iMajestic has the industry’s only Pure Performance based optimization services which guarantee that our clients never pay unless we achieve the objective and maintain your rankings in the search engines you desire. We hold ourselves 100% accountable for performance and compensation.”

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