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Pure Performance Based SEO Creates Windfall of Traffic for Clients

Burbank, CA – For most SEO and SEM companies the very thought of performing work without getting a significant amount of money upfront is unheard of. Unlike most jobs where the work is done and at the end of the week a paycheck is delivered, internet marketing has operated in complete opposite of what most CEOs and business owners are used to.
The key to marketing in the cyber universe is how well your web site is being optimized. The process of search engine optimization can dramatically affect revenue streams, branding, reputation and most importantly the profit margin. Effectively transmitting a web site’s original and particular content to be picked up by the web crawlers takes more than just the purchase of a few key words and phrases, it takes specific knowledge of SEO and Search Engine Marketing techniques and technology. It also involves a talent for understanding more than how the internet functions because the SEO tech must be able to assess the intricacies of the business they are working for and how it will apply to a variety of marketing campaigns.

Highly rated in the field of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web development and reputation management, iMajestic has been driving traffic and securing top rankings for their clients since 2001. Recognizing that every business has its own special requirements in order to attain SEO supremacy, iMajestic uses a multitude of methods to achieve success.

SEO companies have varying philosophies when it comes to SEO and SEM work but iMajestic has a reputation for honing in on what will work and not wasting time or the client’s money on what doesn’t.

“With over 80% of search engine users favoring natural search results, companies of all sizes understand the magnitude of elevated, high natural search rankings for their prospects and are spending a significant amount of their marketing budgets in-advance of and prior to redeeming results.”

The fact that most companies have all but embraced the internet as the premier marketing and advertising venue hasn’t made it any easier for owners to open their wallets. Aside from the usual skepticism about how well any marketing venture will do, most business owners are hesitant to go forward until they have some assurances that the campaigns will work and that they can get some kind of record that will show them what they got for their money.

This is one the major differences that sets iMajestic apart from all the rest. Completely confident in their ability to achieve success where others have failed, iMajestic is willing to take a chance and put forth the effort to get the web site into the top rankings before they take payment. This type of SEO program for qualified clientele is usually looked down upon by other search engine optimization companies because unlike iMajestic, they feel it is perfectly fine to ask a business to pay through the nose without any guarantees of success or any tracking of how the campaign is being done.

iMajestic thinks this “business as usual” practice is unacceptable and wants to change it.

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