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iMajestic Gives Qualified Clients Risk-Free Search Engine Optimization

Burbank, CA – Your company web site looks and works just the way you want it, but for some reason its just not generating any traffic much less business. You’ve heard about Search Engine Optimization but when you’ve spoken to the SEO company about your site they practically want an arm and a leg before they’ll even start. Not only do SEO and SEM seem to be a costly venture but when you asked for some kind of guarantee for the results they promised you’d see, all you can hear on the other end of the phone is the hollow echo of laughter. (more…)

Pure Performance Based SEO Creates Windfall of Traffic for Clients

Burbank, CA – For most SEO and SEM companies the very thought of performing work without getting a significant amount of money upfront is unheard of. Unlike most jobs where the work is done and at the end of the week a paycheck is delivered, internet marketing has operated in complete opposite of what most CEOs and business owners are used to. (more…)

Searching the Internet for a Personal Injury Attorney becomes increasingly difficult due to similar keyword search phrases failing to zero in on the preferred target.

Burbank, CA – The Internet is a wonderful way to find things and services and has all but replaced yellow page directories and even the phone company’s 411 directory. And why wouldn’t it? Surfing through the Net to locate a company is as easy as clicking on a link. Once you’ve done that the information for the company is all laid out and the ability to interact with that site gives the user direct access. (more…)

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