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iMajestic brings Search Engine Optimization innovations into the next century while keeping the business in America.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) – The modern age of global economies and world wide communications has brought tremendous benefits to our planet’s population but as anyone who’s tried to get through to their cable or Internet providers for technical assistance knows, just about all call centers, service centers, web developers and software providers seem to have escaped from our country and landed over seas.

The advantage for companies to avail themselves of low cost labor shifted a once American based business over to developing countries like India, Pakistan and Philippines. While full of good intentions, these call center providers never get past their script and when it comes to getting to the more technically challenged aspects of the call, 9 times out of 10 the caller is switched back to the good old USA where more expert and qualified technicians can provide the help needed in the first place.

Championing the call for a greater sense of Patriotism through domestic business development, iMajestic ( ) has been a Burbank, California based SEO company since 2001. Experts in the field of search engine optimization, web development, Pay per Click marketing, Reputation Optimization, Social Media Optimization and more, iMajestic provides the industry’s only Pure Performance based optimization service which guarantees the client will not pay a cent until after the objectives are achieved and maintained.

This type of bold entrepreneur stance is the basis of the American spirit.

All work is performed in the United States helping to keep the home fires burning while taking the bull by the horns through innovations of SEO techniques and applications that have proven to be successful and created long term relationships with their clients.

While other Internet marketing companies complain about the rising costs of their oversea support centers and exported technicians, iMajestic revolutionizes the Cyber marketing world by keeping costs low and making certain every aspect of the work force stays within American borders. The Pure Performance 100% Guarantee for results is not just something for special accounts but a blanket promise for all clients.

Staffed by seasoned Google and MSN Certified experts, iMajestic has provided results for hundreds of clients and gets more visibility, traffic and customers to web sites than ever thought possible. This is a company that values American businesses and promotes sustainable growth through the understanding of a company’s bottom line and the need for positive Return on Investments.

Regardless of the business size or budget for marketing, iMajestic is an American based SEO company that brings value, visibility, rankings and results to companies prior to the expenditure of any fees. iMajestic believes in today’s tough economic times the success of SEO marketing campaign can make all the difference in keeping America strong and vibrant.

For more information about this revolutionary approach to Internet marketing and business relations go to or contact them direct at 1-866-851-2402.

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