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America has more lawyers than any other country in the world which is why iMajestic has created marketing campaigns that will direct qualified traffic to personal attorney web sites – 100% Guaranteed.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) – Americans spend over 150 billion dollars a year in legal fees. That kind of money means that the business of legal representation is big and there are a lot of people doing it. The number of female attorneys has grown dramatically in the last two decades alone while the number of personal injury lawsuits has expanded well beyond expectation.

90% of all lawyers practice within metropolitan areas making the concentration of competition for personal injury cases intense. The days of hanging up your legal shingle and waiting for the customers to come hobbling through the door have long gone. Yellow page ads are all but dead while the use of television and radio marketing comes with a heavy price tag and has almost zero accountability. In addition to traditional marketing being more guess work than analytical science, utilizing these avenues to generate truly qualified clientele is challenging at best and expensive in the least.

Internet marketing has outpaced traditional methods of advertising while bringing an unlimited amount of information with each campaign at costs that are far below print, TV and radio. Personal attorneys who traditionally take cases on a contingency basis do not always have the funds to spend on Search Engine marketing that is a crap shoot for results and then provide little if no information on its success or failure. As every PI lawyer knows, there is nothing worse than putting in hours of work only to see the case crumple with no pay off.

Appreciating this concept as well as understanding the intimate nature of Internet marketing for law firms, the experienced staff at iMajestic ( ) have developed a marketing program for the world wide web that fits perfectly into any personal injury lawyer’s idea of how business should be done. Just as PI attorneys do, iMajestic introduces 100% Guaranteed Pure Performance based marketing and SEO.

The idea is simple: get results before getting paid.

iMajestic knows the rules involving internet marketing for attorneys. They understand what it takes to not only create marketing campaigns that generate qualified traffic, they are so confident in their ability to do it that they will do all the work to get results before accepting compensation. The relationship between personal injury attorney and internet marketing company becomes complete since both parties work in the same methodologies.

iMajestic’s CEO puts it this way:

“With over 80% of search engine users favoring natural search results, companies of all sizes understand the magnitude of elevated, high natural search rankings for their prospects and are spending a significant amount of their marketing budgets in-advance of and prior to redeeming results. We want your business, regardless of size and budget and are willing to go to work for you without the burdened up-front fees for internet marketing.”

The message is clear; a Internet marketing company that charges personal injury attorneys lots of money up front without any kind of guarantee of success does nothing but takes without giving anything of real value in return. If there is one thing that iMajestic understands more than how to generate internet traffic, it’s how lawyers and PI attorneys want to see results before having to spends thousands of their hard fought dollars to do so.
This is why they have developed specialized lawyer website marketing and attorney SEO marketing programs that address the specifics of the personal attorney and legal services industry.

For more information about this revolutionary approach to Internet marketing and business relations go to or contact them direct at 1-866-851-2402.

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